This year we celebrate the longevity and durability of Shor-Line products. A few of our original tables and cages made it back to us recently after 50-60 years of service. In honor of those pioneering products, we are offering special savings on our Shor-Line classics as well as great prices on numerous other popular products. It is our biggest sale of the year. Back by popular demand is the Halloween discount. Place your order by Halloween, October 31, 2018, and you will get an additional $50 off orders of $1,000 or more (not including shipping and handling or taxes). And we have expanded the Buy More, Save More Accessories section and stocked it with your favorite accessories. The Year End Sale begins Oct. 1, 2018 and ends Jan. 5, 2019. It applies in the U.S. only. Product categories are listed below, and you can select the item(s) and ask for a quote, indicating that you are a YES buyer. Or call 800.444.1579 to place an immediate order.

Classics and Shor-Line Favorites are part of the Year End Sale that extends to January 4, 2019 This Shor-Line Classic Flat-Top was just retired from surgery. It was put into service back in 1958. We’ve continuously improved the Classic Flat-Top since then, but we’ve retained the high-quality craftsmanship that delivers the durability you expect. In honor of these durable Classics, we are offering a special price on the Classics. Browse the other great prices and take advantage of our stock-up prices for accessories. This is our biggest sale of the year, so take shop now! NOTE: This sale is only available in the United States. Place your order by Halloween, October 31, 2018, and you will get an additional $50 off orders of $1,000 or more (not including shipping and handling or taxes).

Feline Comfort Suite

We developed this low-stress cat condo with university researchers. You can order it as individual main living space (30”W x 30”H or 24”W x 30”H) or the preferred space which is one of the living areas with an attached 18”W x 30”H litter areas. The Double Unit with 30" main area has 8.8 square feet of living space per opening! Three door styles are available: • Tri-Door with a polycarbonate section for the cat to peek through. • The Polycarbonate Door has four triangular sections with large ovals for ventilation and interaction. • Full Grill Door offers the maximum amount of air circulation. Also available as assemblies.
Call 800.444.1579 or email for information. Optional viewing dome (see top unit picture) available on Tri-Door.

$567 | 30”W x 30”H Main Living Area
$546 | 24”W x 30”H Main Living Area
$500 | 18”W x 30”H Litter Area
$727 | Two-Door Storage Cabinet, 48"W x 12"H
$179 | Mobile Platform, 48"W

There is a revolution in veterinary and shelter care to make housing more comfortable for cats. Shor-Line has worked with veterinarians, shelters and researchers to create innovative new products to serve the cat. Our newest Feline Comfort Suite has a revolutionary new material that is lightweight yet impervious to moisture and soft to feline paws. The larger space and multiple viewing spaces let cats be cats…running between compartments, climbing on the Kat Kave and peering out through the viewing dome. There are lots of ways to retrofit our current cages to increase the living space for felines and provide double compartment housing. The Kat Portal can even work for recovering felines. Closes off the portal and remove the Kat Kave and return and open when the cat recovers. Also consider retrofits with Quiet-Closing latches and Quiet-Time Door Covers to reduce stress.

$71 | 902.0000.30 Kat Portal
$71 | 300.2229.00 Template

Retrofit Shor-Line Cages with Kat Portals

Want to expand living space for felines? The Kat Portal provides double compartment housing with two Shor-Line cages. Simply cut holes in two adjacent cages and insert the Kat Portal. The latch lets you choose when to let cats wander between the units. The perfect solution for the high capacity flexibility! Start reaping all the benefits of reducing feline housing stress—better health, happier cats and a more relaxed living experience.

Kat Kave

$56 | 802.0007.00 Kat Kave

Mark III LS Exam Table

The latest addition to our Low Stress product line is the Mark III LS table. It combines the versatility of storage with a welcoming heated table that provides a comfortable exam surface. The table is available in a selection of low-stress colors that follows current thinking on providing a relaxing exam environment for the pet and pet parents.

$2,422 | 903.1001.10 White
$2,422 | 905.1001.50 Almond
$2,422 | 905.1001.20 Special Color

Privacy Panel

Different dog personalities have different needs for privacy. This panel hooks easily onto one side a T-Kennel run, retrofitting any 23½ or wider run. Available in several colors.

$85 | 20.375”W x 27.75”H Small
$95 | 36”W x 27.75”H Large

Quiet-Time Door Cover

Adjustable, washable blue nylon cage covers fit neatly over Shor-Line Stainless Steel cages for added privacy. (See volume discounts on Essentials section.)

$9 | 179.2424.00 24”W x 24”H
$12 | 179.2430.00 24”W x 30”H
$13 | 179.3030.00 30”W x 30”H
$14 | 179.3630.00 36”W x 30”H

Pet Swinging Door

Dogs like the freedom to choose where they roam. This door lets the dog run from the inside to the outside as often as they like. The sealed door pops open when the dog pushes it and then closes. Works the same way in reverse, keeping inside temperatures more consistent. You can lock the door whenever you need.

$695 | 909.0003.00 18”W x 25”H

There are many good reasons why veterinary surgeons are jumping on the LED surgery light bandwagon. Beyond looking cool and professional, they: Produce far less heat than halogen lights, which is cooler to work under Provide improved color and clarity in the surgical field Last longer than halogen bulbs, which saves money

Mounting LED Surgery Lights

$3,144 | 913.8000.04 Ceiling Mount

$3,144 | 913.8000.06 Wall Mount

$6,369 | 913.8000.05 Dual Ceiling Mount

Mounting LED Exam Lights

$1,638 | 913.7000.03 Ceiling Mount

$1,448 | 913.7000.04 Wall Mount

Mobile LED Surgery Light

$3,344 | 913.8000.07 Mobile

Mobile LED Exam Light

$1,800 | 913.7000.05 Mobile

Penta Kennels

Looking for affordable but luxury lodging for your four-legged customers? Shor-Line is reducing stock on the 12’L Penta Kennels, a double decker kennel style that allows two large openings at the bottom and three spacious kennels on the top level.

Top Level for Small Dogs

This is a T-Kennel line overstock so all the products are new. The top housing areas are a spacious 48"W x 36”H x 48"D. This unit is designed to go on concrete but an optional raised floor version is also available. Available with or without drains.

Large Bottom Space for Big Dogs

The two large bottom housing units are 72"W x 46"H x 48"D, providing good space for medium and large dogs to move around. The space in this opening mirrors that of a kennel run (with a 78" total height). The colored PVC panels feature the same high-quality insulation and craftsmanship as our main line. The frames are galvanized steel to save money but the PVC covering makes the framing invisible to customers. We are offering either Jade or Beige panels with Beige floors. No color substitutions. The gates are Stainless Steel with a durable, lockable latch. The right side offers two feeding slots. Optional Stainless Steel Feed trays can be added at an additional sale price.

Options Available

Prices provided are the set unit only. Taxes, shipping and installation are extra. U.S. only. We are offering four options for this sale

  • On Concrete with Drainage. Unit sits on a your concrete floor with a built-in trench drain in the concrete. Upper units drain into your floor trench drain via a PVC pipe. The unit is sloped ¼ inch per foot of slope.
  • On Concrete with No Drainage. Unit sits on a your concrete floor. There are no drains in either the upper or lower units.
  • Raised Floor with Drainage to Trench Drain. This is a self-contained unit with both floors and drains integrated into the system. You can connect this unit to your sewer via a stub out. The floors are sloped ¼ inch per foot.
  • Raised Floor with No Drainage. This a self-contained unit with no drains in either the upper or lower units.
  • These units are built to be used with a 1/4" per foot sloped floor. If you put the unit on a floor with no slope, then the side panel will be an inch taller than the gate panel.

Only a limited quantity is available, so order now. For more information or a FREE consultation to discuss your situation, call 800.444.1579 or

$3,383 | 12’W Penta Kennel, On Concrete, Beige, no drain

$4,311 | 12’W Penta Kennel, Raised Floor, Beige, no drain

$3,383 | 12’W Penta Kennel, On Concrete with drain, Jade

$4,311 | 12’W Penta Kennel, Raised Floor, no drain, Jade

These two kennels provide flexible options for housing energetic canines both in bonded groups or individually. The Puppy Kennel is a mobile kennel unit with insulated PVC panels and the Puppy Portal inserts two portals into Shor-Line cages to create a transfer door that you open and close from inside the cage.

Puppy Kennel

$4,400 | 999.3220.99 Puppy Kennel, 6’W

Puppy Portal

$78 | 902.0000.33 Puppy Portal
$71 | 902.2334.00 Template

We have special deals of ALL anesthesia machines purchased through the Year End sale. Two of the sale machines are shown below but all machines are on sale.

Mobile Anesthesia Units

Get a great deal on our most affordable anesthesia machines. Our Basic model has the core features you want in a rebreathing anesthesia machine, plus additional safety features. It is economical and ideal for smaller patients and quick procedures. Vaporizer sold separately.

$2,275 | 195.1178.00

Vaporizer Pour Fill

High quality, Tech 3 style vaporizers deliver reliable performance.

$1,197 | 195.1159.00 Sevoflurane
$1,102 | 195.1160.00 Isoflurane

Pureline® M6000 Anesthesia Machine

Special Value package! Built specifically for veterinary use, the M6000 high quality anesthesia unit with Oxygen Concentrator is FDA approved and UL tested. Delivers 5 LPM. Vaporizer sold separately.

Package Includes:

  • Face mask set (large, medium and small)
  • External coarse particle filter
  • Inlet fine particle filter
  • Rebreathing Bags (1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5L)
  • "E" Tank, one empty
  • Upgraded modified Jackson Rees

$4,460 | 195.1142.00

Big Top™ Grooming Table

$1,073 | 903.3220.53 Plum Perfect

$1,073 | 903.3220.55 Screamin' Green

$1,073 | 903.3220.57 Burnt Orange

$1,073 | 903.3220.59 Electric Pink

$1,073 | 903.3220.61 Silver Vein

$1,073 | 903.3220.63 Shor-Line Blue


$91 | 041.0017.62 Kennel Gear™ Supply Caddy

Buy Either Table


Buy Either Elite


Continuum Hydraulic Surgery Table

We packed premium features in an economical table. Our latest addition is the Short V-Top—ideal for feline and small dogs and/or tight spaces.

$1,952 | 903.4000.04 Flat-Top
$2,441 | 903.4100.01 V-Top
$2,324 | 903.4800.01 Short V-Top NEW!

Feline Scale

We’ve improved our popular feline scale to make the tray more secure. This compact but accurate feline scale handles your biggest Maine Coon cats to the smallest kittens...or even small dogs. 44 lbs. weight capacity.

$279 | 905.0400.05

Blue-Line Scales With Shor-Connect

Available in Blue, Jade, Taupe Gray and Black.

$1,311 | 905.3010.07 Wall Mount


New load cell technology makes our basic scale even better. Wall Mount shown.

$831 | 905.5010.43 Wall Mount
$907 | 905.5010.47 Post Mount

Back by popular demand, the more you buy, the lower our price will be. Facilities around the country saved thousands last year!

Discount for volume purchases (price per item)

Cage Valets

Stainless steel tension clip holds papers to a poly-carbonate clipboard with pocket.

Small Cage Valet 915.0200.04

$21 1-3
$20 4-6
$19 7 or more

Large Cage Valet 915.0200.05

$25 1-3
$23 4-6
$22 7 or more

Record Holders

Stainless Steel clipboard attaches easily to the horizontal bar of Shor-Line cages, allowing you to securely clip on important records.

Small Record Holder 802.0010.05

$15 1-3
$14 4-6
$13 7 or more

Large Record Holder 802.0010.06

$21 1-3
$20 4-6
$19 7 or more

Stainless Steel Card Holders

Three-sided Stainless Steel pocket securely holds an index card in place for quick identification.

3”H x 5”W 802.0000.01

$9 1-3
$8 4-6
$7 7 or more

5”H x 8”W 802.0000.02

$13 1-3
$12 4-6
$11 7 or more

Lightweight Cage Mats

The NEW Lightweight Cage Mat is an alternative to our PVC Coated Floors. Pets will love the soft, flexible cage flooring. Flexible PVC flooring lifts the pet off the cage floor by providing a smooth, cushioned surface that is easy to clean yet comfortable to the pet.

18"W 170.0000.10

$44 1-3
$42 4-6
$40 7 or more

24"W 170.0000.11

$60 1-3
$58 4-6
$56 7 or more

30"W 170.0000.12

$65 1-3
$63 4-6
$61 7 or more

36"W 170.0000.13

$79 1-3
$77 4-6
$75 7 or more

48"W SD 170.0000.14

$84 1-3
$82 4-6
$80 7 or more

48"W DD 170.0000.15

$95 1-3
$93 4-6
$91 7 or more

60"W DD 170.0000.16

$99 1-3
$97 4-6
$95 7 or more

72"W DD 170.0000.17

$131 1-3
$129 4-6
$127 7 or more

Quiet-Time Door Cover

Adjustable, washable blue nylon cage covers fit neatly over Shor-Line cages for added privacy.

24"W x 24"H 179.2424.00

$9 1-3
$8 4-6
$7 7 or more

24"W x 30"H 179.2430.00

$12 1-3
$11 4-6
$10 7 or more

30"W x 30"H 179.3030.00

$13 1-3
$12 4-6
$11 7 or more

36"W x 30"H 179.3630.00

$14 1-3
$13 4-6
$12 7 or more

Stainless Steel Cage Divider

Stainless steel divider provides a secure separation between two compartments.

30"H 802.0030.00

$130 1-3
$127 4-6
$125 7 or more

36"H 802.0036.00

$140 1-3
$138 4-6
$136 7 or more

Thermal Formed ABS Divider

Made of lightweight, durable ABS, this divider provides a secure separation between two cages.

30"H 802.0030.01

$112 1-3
$109 4-6
$107 7 or more

36"H 802.0036.01

$122 1-3
$119 4-6
$117 7 or more

2-Quart SS Food/Water Bowl

Made of polished Stainless Steel, this 2-quart bowl can be a food or water bowl. It cleans up easily and has the durability you expect from Stainless Steel. They nest easily for storage. This works with our Economy Bowl Mounting ring (802.0003.01).

2-Quart 190.9000.06

$7 1-3
$6 4-6
$5 7 or more

The Year End Sale is a great time to order cages. This year we are offering even more savings off large purchases. So ask for special pricing if you order more than 10 cages either individually or in banks. The following is a sampling of sale prices. NOTE: Orders more than 10 will receive additional savings. (Does not include special fabrication or cages larger than 60”W.)

4’ Assembly, Option B

$1,628 | 902.0103.16 Standard
$1,884 | 902.0103.17 Mobile
$1,884 | 902.0103.17 Stationary

6’ Assembly, Option A

$2,361 | 902.0105.36 Standard
$2,741 | 902.0105.37 Mobile
$2,741 | 902.0105.38 Stationary

5’ Assembly, Option B

$2,110 | 902.0104.22 Standard
$2,415 | 902.0104.23 Mobile
$2,415 | 902.0104.24 Stationary

7’ Assembly, Option A

$2,742 | 902.0106.16 Standard
$3,181 | 902.0106.17 Mobile
$3,181 | 902.0106.18 Stationary

Contact 800.444.1579 for a price quote on your favorite assembly or cage needs