This ABS  portal allows you to connect two Shor-line cages* to create more space. In particular, it gets the litter area out of the bedroom area, making felines happier and (according to studies) healthier. The portal creates an 8” diameter opening with a 1½” lip, allowing the cat to move between the cages. The kit comes with a spacer that stabilizes the space between the cages.


Once installed, the cover opens and closes easily so you decide when the cat moves between the cages, making cleaning easy!

An aluminum template is required (only one needed) to help you correctly place the opening.

*Not studied on other cages.

Kat Portal: 902.0000.25  |  Template: 300.2229.00 quote_art


Shor-Shelf Cat Perching Shelf®

Quiet-Time Cage Door Cover

This 7” deep Shelf quickly installs in all Shor-Line 18”, 24” and 30” wide Stainless Steel cages. Its unique flex ends with special non-slip pads automatically adjust to the cage with no drilling required.

Quick, convenient and washable, this cage cover inserts neatly over your 24” or 30” wide cage door. It snaps up at the halfway point, making it the ideal option for a perching cat. It gives needed privacy to sensitive animals and quickly stows away when not needed. 



179.2424.00 24”W x 24”H cage door
179.2430.00 24”W x 30”H cage door
179.3030.00 30”W x 30”H cage door
179.3630.00 36”W x 30”H cage door