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Shor-Line Honored as Kansas Exporter of the Year

Posted on Thu, Jun 07, 2018 @ 01:11 PM



Shor-Line was named the Kansas Governor’s Exporter of the Year for 2018. The annual award honors a Kansas company that has exhibited excellence in conducting international trade.

“We are thrilled to be named Exporter of the Year. This award is a testament to the hard work of everyone at Shor-Line, both overseas and in the Kansas City office. Our grandfather who founded Shor-Line in 1927 and our parents who guided the business for many years would be proud indeed,” said Richard Donahue, Chairman of the Board.

This award recognizes the company’s international business activities that began over five decades ago. These efforts accelerated in 1985 when current company President, Joe Schroer, headed overseas to establish a related sales and warehousing operation in the United Kingdom. Reflecting on this strategic move, Mr. Schroer commented that: “Expansion into Europe allowed us to have persons dedicated to the Shor-Line brand who were more geographically and culturally aligned with our developing customer base.”

Shor-Line today has an extensive international distributor network and related operations not only in the UK but also in China. Solid market shares exist in Europe, Australia, Canada and Mexico. In Asia, Shor-Line has long serviced customers in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. New export opportunities continue to develop especially in various Central and South American countries.

Shor-Line Ownership: (l-r) Joe Schroer, president, Richard Donahue, Chairman of the Board; Jack Donahue, Executive Vice President.

As a third generation privately held business, Shor-Line’s management team sees international expansion as a very important part of its business plan. Emphasis will be placed not only visiting our trade partners but also on attending international trade shows to better understand foreign markets and develop new business relationships.

As the company moves through its 91st year in business, the future is quite bright especially with the continuing evolution of societal views on animal welfare. With this trend accelerating internationally and enhancing the standards for the treatment and care of pets, demand will only increase for quality companion animal products such as those made by Shor-Line.

Shor-Line has made its name in international circles through the dedication of its employees and international partners. With the continued support of these associates, the company is excited to participate in the future growth of the veterinary and animal care businesses internationally.



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The 2014 Product Catalog Has Arrived!

Posted on Thu, Jan 16, 2014 @ 07:59 AM

Shor-Line 2014 Product Catalog

2014 is off with a bang with the unveiling of 10 brand new products from Shor-Line. That's right, 10 new products! One of our most innovative is the Prelude Series LED Surgery Light. These LED lights have three different mounting options and feature a light that has a high intensity, proper color and a large field of illumination to ease eye fatigue. They are cool to work under and will not dry the surgery site.

Other new products for 2014 include Squeeze Restraints, Corner Guards, Kick Plates, Continuum V-Top and Flat Top Surgery Tables, the Utility Table, Warming Systems, Oxygen Therapy products and the Small Animal Bathing Tub. Be sure to look for the orange New Product emblems throughout the catalog. Click the link below to view online or call 800-444-1579 to request a printed copy.  



Find the 2014 New Products:

  • Squeeze Restraints, page 43
  • Corner Guards page, 48
  • Kick Plates, page 48
  • Continuum V-Top Surgery Table, page 55
  • Continuum Flat Top Surgery Table, page 55
  • Utility Table, page 63
  • Prelude Series LED Surgery Lights, page 71
  • Warming Systems, page 82
  • Oxygen Therapy Doors, page 83
  • Oxygen Therapy Conversion Kit, page 83
  • Small Animal Bathing Tub, page 94 

HomePageFlagGraphic LG blog


or call 800-444-1579 to request a printed copy 




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Get On Board

Posted on Fri, Jul 12, 2013 @ 11:49 AM

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Effective July 1, 2013 T-Kennel will be an integrated product family within the Shor-Line brand. Schroer Manufacturing Company acquired T-Kennel in 1994 as an expansion of the kennel run product family pioneering specialized kennel run systems with proprietary drainage systems.

Kansas City brothers Karl and Gerhard Schroer founded Schroer Manufacturing Company in 1927 based on the principle of quality craftsmanship and materials. While the company has evolved over the past 86 years, the brothers would be proud to know that Shor-Line’s dedication to customer service has remained the number one priority.

By integrating T-Kennel into the Shor-Line brand, we will maintain the tradition of superior customer service. Providing a family of kennel run products that customers can tailor to their needs, specifications, and price point. This will serve you, our valued customer, more efficiently. In addition to serving you, we will continue to collaborate with industry professionals to offer innovative products that enhance animal care.

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The New 2013 Catalog is Here

Posted on Fri, Jan 25, 2013 @ 02:53 PM

 shor-line blog

shor-line blog

Showcasing New Products

With the start of a new year, we are presenting to you some of our newest products. A large feature in the catalog is about the new options available for our scales. These options allow you to view canine scales either on a computer or on a remote display, making it easier than ever for staff to take an animal's weight.

Two new products are also showcased within the catalog. The new Scrub Sink and new Elite Grooming Tub have both been designed with radiused corners for easy cleaning. Learn more about these products as well as our other products in the new catalog.


Also found inside the catalog:

  • our core products
  • industry news & trends
  • our new design tools
  • product galleries


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New Canine Scale Functionality

Posted on Wed, Nov 14, 2012 @ 10:46 AM

We don't have to tell you what you already know.
Walk on scales are predominately located in the reception area for many reasons. Weight management and proper medication dosing are the two primary reasons. While many scale displays are out of view of the receptionist, Shor-Line’s new Shor-Connect and Remote Display allow the proper weight recording without the front desk personnel having to leave their station. Now that makes sense!

We are excited to announce Shor-Line has expanded the functionality of the canine scale beyond what the animal health industry knows it to be. With the introduction of Shor-Connect and Remote Display, weight is now visible on a PC or on a display mounted or propped in a location away from the scale platform. No tethering needed! Utilizing wireless technology Shor-Line’s K9-W8 and Blue-Line canine scales can be operated from a PC or select Windows tablets with the Shor-Connect models. The Remote Display models feature a second display that allows remote visibility of the canine’s weight.

shor-line shor-connect scaleshor-line remote display scale

These new products have been field tested and designed with your daily tasks first and foremost.

“Love the scale! It’s so much more convenient to have weight and other info all on the same screen.” Megan Pangle, Oxford Animal Hospital

“This was a great invention. Should of come up with a long time ago.” 
Lisa Epting, Oxford Animal Hospital

A new way to shop for scales.
Shor-Line’s philosophy of canine scales starts with the functionality of how a scale is used by our customers. If you want to see and operate a scale on a PC or select Windows tablets then you will be eager to try the Shor-Connect option. If you wish to see the display at the scale and in a remote location (maybe across the room) the Remote Display is the option for you! And if you simply want a scale that is accurate and reliable our Display with Operation Keys will suite you. The new Scale Builder tool on our website makes it a breeze to choose the features needed to build a scale to fit your practice, bringing this philosophy right to your fingertips.

shor-line scale builder tool

Build Your Scale
The Scale Builder leads you through the process of building your scale. Starting with the functionality. How do you want to use your scale? You can choose from three options: Display with Operation Keys, Remote Display or Shor-Connect. From there you choose your mount (wall or post) then the platform (K9-W8 or Blue-Line). At the end of the tool you are provided a part number that is generated based on your selections. You may add that product to your Wish List from the tool or learn more about your selection by viewing the product’s page. Once a product is added to your Wish List it only takes a few more steps to request a quote. Start building!

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Posted on Tue, Aug 21, 2012 @ 09:34 AM

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Pinterest has caught the attention of people everywhere, and though you may not know about it yet, here’s some insight into how it’s being incorporated into the veterinary industry.

Pinterest is a new wave social media outlet that allows users to “pin” photos or videos onto “boards” where the pins are organized and stored for future reference. The reason that Pinterest has become so popular is simple. It combines visual stimulus with an easy to navigate site and intuitive tools that make the user experience almost second nature.

Recently the popularity of Pinterest has started to grow within the veterinary industry as well. Do a quick search on Pinterest of some general industry terms and you will come up with a multitude of results. Veterinarians, humane societies and other animal care businesses are taking their marketing strategies to a visual level. Each day, members of the veterinary industry and pet owners all over the world are connecting and sharing on Pinterest and it’s creating a great resource and relationship for both sides.

Want to start using Pinterest for yourself? There are many ways that you can get started, here are just a few that have become popular recently:

 1. Promote Your Facility

Pin photos or videos of your facility, inside and out. Pet owners take comfort in the transparency that these photos can offer. Also it’s a great way to promote your facility if it’s a new building or has been recently renovated.

 {Pinterest Tip: Want to post photos directly from your computer and have them link directly to your website? First upload the photo and add the description as usual, then when you view the pin, click the edit button and fill in your website in the link box.}

2. Promote Your Products or Services

Show photos of your products or services for your consumers to pin. Have a great grooming room? Show it off. Want to show the products that you sell in hopes of gaining a steady stream of non-service clients? Pin your products to a products board.

{Pinterest Tip: If you are offering a product or service and want this to show up in the gifts section or just want that little strip across the top left with the price, all you have to do is put the price in the description box with the $ symbol. Pinterest automatically does it all for you! }

3. Find Homes for Animals

Pin photos of animals that need homes. Create a new board and call it something like “Adopt a Pet”. Animal photos have a tendency to be repined multiple times, so don’t forget to list the adoption information in the description box of the pin and have the photo link to your site.

>>>Want to learn more ways to use Pinterest? Be sure to return to our blog to read the next installment of Pinterest uses.


Shor-Line has a Pinterest Page! Visit our boards to learn more about industry news, products we love, design trends, color inspiration and much more! http://pinterest.com/shorline

Shor-Line Blog


Shor-Line Blog


Shor-Line Blog

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Choosing a Kennel Run System? Our guide can help!

Posted on Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 08:30 AM

Shor-Line Blog


At Shor-Line we have decades of Kennel Run design experience. This experience allows us to work closely with our customers to help design the best Kennel Run System for their particular facility.

Choosing a Kennel Run System can seem confusing at first glance, but with the right information this process can become less complicated. To help, we have developed a guide for the beginning stages of the process. Designed to give you the information you need to choose the specifics of your new Kennel Run System, this guide offers helpful tips, specifications and inspiration.


Within this guide you can expect to find:

  • 6 Pre-Planning Considerations
  • Pros & Cons of the 5 Standard Systems
  • Component Details & Standard Sizes
  • Material & Aesthetic Options
  • Lead Time Information
  • Kennel Run Systems in Use Gallery
  • Choosing a Kennel Run System Checklist


We are Here for You

Have a question regarding our Kennel Run Systems? Feel free to contact us! Our knowledgeable sales and engineering staff have the answers you need.



Get a Copy of the Guide Today!

Download a PDF or View it Online.

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Shor-Line Takes An Industry Changing LEAP, Introducing Wireless Scale Kits

Posted on Wed, Feb 29, 2012 @ 11:10 AM

Happy Leap Day! We find it fitting that while we are celebrating a day that only comes around every four years, we take this time to provide the Shor-Line Community a sneak peek into a new product that leaps into new industry territory. We are proud to introduce Shor-Connect for all Shor-Line scales. This is industry changing!

Utilizing wireless technology you can now see a patient's weight instantly from many feet away on a PC or a remote display. When entering a hospital one of the first things a patient and their owner are asked to do is step on the scale. Now the patient can step on the scale while the technician or office assistant can click on the scale readout on their PC or view on a remote display and the weight is recorded right there. No wires, accurate, and located where you want it.

Shor Line viewer bottom right

Shor-Connect can be added to any scale product currently offered (excluding the feline scale) by Shor-Line and comes in two options. A PC Viewer Remote Display Kit that retails for $249 or the D320 Remote Display Kit that retails for $499. The PC viewer is equipped with all the features necessary for accurate weighing. Zero, Recall, Free/Lock, Manual/Auto and LB/KG. You can easily toggle between Manual and Auto modes as well as Pounds and Kilograms. Holding the weight is also done by the click of the mouse (or button).

Shor Line viewer no buttons  Shor Line viewer with buttons

If you desire the Remote Display you can mount the display to any wall desired and use the display as you would a typical Shor-Line scale display. The PC Viewer Remote Display offers you the flexibility of using a PC versus mounting a physical display to a wall. The PC display operates on Windows 7 and Windows XP platforms. Multiple applications of the Shor-Connect Viewer are only supported on Windows 7. The software is easy to install on your PC. The PC requires a USB Dongle for operation.

Shor-Connect will be available soon. Be sure to ask your Shor-Line Representative for more details of this industry changing product!

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NAVC 'New Product Gallery' Showcases Shor-Line Twice!

Posted on Wed, Jan 18, 2012 @ 03:24 PM

If you attended NAVC this week you experienced several new happenings throughout the conference. This was the NAVC's first year to highlight a 'New Product Gallery'. "Items in the New Product Gallery were selected from more than 30 applications. Manufacturer submissions were based on various criteria, including innovation and impact on everyday practice. NAVC Board members and experts representing various disciplines and sectors of veterinary practice directed NAVC staff in making appropriate and representative selections. Participants are sure to find products that are appropriate additions to their practice armamentarium—and learn how to use them." (NAVC)

We were excited to learn that not one, but two Shor-Line products were selected! Our new K9-W8 Scale and Rotational Lift Table (RLT) were presented in the backlit, 8' tall gallery wall. Both the Marriott and Gaylord featured these walls. We hope you were able to make your way to our booth during the show and see our products in use.If by chance you missed them. Check them out at WVC, February 19-23, 2012.

K9-W8 ScaleRotational Lift Table

“We are delighted to be the first veterinary conference to show this impressive collection of new drugs and devices,” said NAVC Executive Director Colin Burrows, BVetMed, PhD, DACVIM, HonFRCVS. The NAVC had a great concept and we are proud to have been chosen to participate with both the K9-W8 Scale and the Rotational Lift Table (RLT). Thank you NAVC.

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Shor-Line is Celebrating!

Posted on Thu, Jan 05, 2012 @ 03:47 PM

Shor-Line Celebration Event


With 2012 upon us and all those new resolutions in full force; we want to reflect on our own resolutions as a leading animal care equipment manufacturer and invite you to share in our journey.

2012 promises to be an eventful year. Our industry is experiencing a gender shift, there are more veterinarians graduating each year and more guidelines have been structured for animal health. We see these as more than just trends, they are what is expected and what will be. It is Shor-Line's responsibility to participate in continuing education and field-testing throughout the industry to ensure the best quality products are available to animal care professionals at affordable prices.

This year Shor-Line celebrates 85 years. Without the support from our loyal customers and dedication of our valued employees, we wouldn’t be who we are today. Since 1927, we’ve had the same goal — provide quality products that support the customers who buy them. It’s that simple. If you were to take a tour of Shor-Line's manufacturing plant you would find very humble, genuine and passionate craftsmen. Take Robert Williams for example. He has been with Shor-Line for over 40 years and worked in many areas of the plant. He is considered a master of the Shor-Line product line. There is only a handful of craftsmen that have been with Shor-Line for less than 5 years. Most have been here for decades. This tells the story of quality and dedication better than any marketing or sales pitch. Our craftsmen are what make our products rate with superior quality, functionality and innovation among our industry.

In appreciation of our dedicated craftsmen and loyal customers we are launching the Celebration Event Promotion. We are giving away an Exam Room Makeover and have designed 10 Product Packages that are sure to enrich animal care. So throw up the streamers! This year we're celebrating!


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