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Seeing the Benefit of Certified Surgery Lights

Posted on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 @ 03:52 PM

Shor-Line announced that the Prelude LED Surgery Lights are UL/CSA certified, but some ask why it matters. The simple answer is that the lights are certified to Medical Electrical Equipment (Surgical Luminaire) standards…and not all manufacturers are willing to invest in that level of scrutiny.


To become certified, the LED lights need to conform to rigorous standards of performance for both human and veterinary standards. Light brightness and color clarity must fall consistently into given specifications, and the lights must meet stringent manufacturing standards and testing.

Switching over to LED surgery lights or upgrading your current lights is a big decision. A U.S. Department of Energy task force developed a great report on LED surgery lights that is a must read for anyone moving to LEDs. It will help you evaluate your choices.

Features to consider

The Prelude LED Surgery Lights have superior features to the halogen lights you have been using during surgery.

  • Uses less wattage to produce equivalent light levels and therefore saves money in the longterm.
  • Emits less heat into the room than halogen lights, which provides more comfort to the patient, surgeon and assistants.
  • Promises greater bulb life and predictable performance in an operating room setting.

These are features to consider:

  • High illumination. A significant amount of light is required, by standard, for surgery. The Prelude gives you 90,000 LUX at one meter.
  • Shadow reduction. Contour shadows help you distinguish the organs and masses during surgery while contrast shadows are distracting. The ideal light provides a balance, which is one of the more important features of the Prelude.
  • Color temperature. Color temperatures below 3500 degrees K can take on a red or pink hue, distorting your view of the important red spectrum. The Prelude has a 4500 degrees K color temperature. (Daylight at noon is 4000 to 6500K.)
  • Adjustable positioning. Likely there will be several veterinarians using the light, so the light needs to position easily for the tallest vet and the shortest vet. The Prelude has a 360-degree positioning flexibility with no light head drift.

What works for your practice?

The Prelude LED Surgery Light can last up to 100,000 hours, which could be the remainder of your practicing life. Shor-Line  quality is known for durability, so making our LED light stand the test of time was important.

During this time, the Surgery Light will serve many veterinarians and technicians of different heights and working styles. At trade shows, we encourage veterinarians to move the lights in circles and quickly position them. In short, to see if the light can be adjusted to their comfort level.

Our surgery arm system is the most flexible in the industry, allowing you to move it 360 degrees. It stays where you put it and does not drift. No matter where you need the light positioned, it will be there.

Like many technical improvements, the products become more affordable as high-quality manufacturers develop ways to deliver the quality you need at the price you can afford. The Prelude LED Surgery Lights are performing under the highest medical standards for surgical lighting affordable in the veterinary market.



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Seeing Veterinary Surgery in a New Light

Posted on Fri, Apr 04, 2014 @ 08:51 AM

It is just a few years ago that LPrelude dual ceiling mount surgery lightED lights became state-of-the-art in human surgical suites. Now they are quickly making their way into veterinary practices.

Shor-Line released a series of LEDs in 2014 to give veterinarians the same benefits human surgeons have experienced. Research done by manufacturers (including Shor-Line) as well as third parties have validated the strides LEDs have made in the last decade.

The question facing veterinarians is, “When should I update my surgical suite?”  The data now clearly shows that LED provides accurate light color, including good color in the red spectrum, at a lower cost over the life of the bulbs with less heat created in the surgical suite.

U.S. Department of Energy Study

The U.S. Department of Energy has been excited about LEDs because of the tremendous potential for energy savings. In 2011, its LED Surgical Task Lighting study confirmed that, compared with halogen lights, LED lights:

  • Used less wattage to produce equivalent light levels.
  • Were cooler to the touch and emitted less heat into the room.
  • Promised greater life and a non-catastrophic failure mechanism.

Overall, the study suggested that LEDs “can allow for reductions in connected load of 50 percent or more, with potential additional energy savings through constant-color dimming and reduced cooling load in the operating room.”

Shor-Line Beta Tests

When Shor-Line was developing its LEDs for use in surgery, the company did beta testing with practicing veterinarians. Veterinary practices need many of the same features as human medicine with more flexibility and portability. Shor-Line spent most of 2013 beta testing the new Prelude Series LED Surgery Lights in veterinary practices.

George Gates, DVM, SurgeryGeorge Gates, DVM, at Prairie Village Animal Hospital in Prairie Village, Kan., was one of the testers.

“It far surpasses any of the previous technology, as far as I am concerned,” he said. “In 50 years of surgery, I have never seen anything that compares.”

His favorite features are “the bright illumination, cool burning and the direct beam of light on the surgical field.”

The testing helped perfect a durable LED that could move and rotate to a variety of positions. Gates and the other veterinarians in his practice gave many suggestions on improving the adjustability to the lights. He gives the finished product a high grade for listening to feedback.

Shor-Line “greatly improved the adjustability. This allows you to put the light where it is needed.”

How the Prelude Series PerformsGatesPVAHPreludewidemonitor

The Prelude Series has the key benefits of upgrading to LED lights:

  • Excellent light source that better maintains tissue moisture.
  • A color temperature of 4,500 K that gives the user visual clarity, especially in the important red color spectrum.
  • An illumination range of 10,000 to 90,000 LUX.

Investing in LED lights not only makes sense from an energy perspective, but studies of have shown the lights also decrease eye fatigue and the operating theater remains a more comfortable temperature.

The office staff will like them as well. There is little to no maintenance required because the bulbs will last for 75,000 to 100,000 hours.

For more information on upgrading to LED lights in your surgical suite, call 888-551-4062.


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The 2014 Product Catalog Has Arrived!

Posted on Thu, Jan 16, 2014 @ 07:59 AM

Shor-Line 2014 Product Catalog

2014 is off with a bang with the unveiling of 10 brand new products from Shor-Line. That's right, 10 new products! One of our most innovative is the Prelude Series LED Surgery Light. These LED lights have three different mounting options and feature a light that has a high intensity, proper color and a large field of illumination to ease eye fatigue. They are cool to work under and will not dry the surgery site.

Other new products for 2014 include Squeeze Restraints, Corner Guards, Kick Plates, Continuum V-Top and Flat Top Surgery Tables, the Utility Table, Warming Systems, Oxygen Therapy products and the Small Animal Bathing Tub. Be sure to look for the orange New Product emblems throughout the catalog. Click the link below to view online or call 800-444-1579 to request a printed copy.  



Find the 2014 New Products:

  • Squeeze Restraints, page 43
  • Corner Guards page, 48
  • Kick Plates, page 48
  • Continuum V-Top Surgery Table, page 55
  • Continuum Flat Top Surgery Table, page 55
  • Utility Table, page 63
  • Prelude Series LED Surgery Lights, page 71
  • Warming Systems, page 82
  • Oxygen Therapy Doors, page 83
  • Oxygen Therapy Conversion Kit, page 83
  • Small Animal Bathing Tub, page 94 

HomePageFlagGraphic LG blog


or call 800-444-1579 to request a printed copy 




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The New 2013 Catalog is Here

Posted on Fri, Jan 25, 2013 @ 02:53 PM

 shor-line blog

shor-line blog

Showcasing New Products

With the start of a new year, we are presenting to you some of our newest products. A large feature in the catalog is about the new options available for our scales. These options allow you to view canine scales either on a computer or on a remote display, making it easier than ever for staff to take an animal's weight.

Two new products are also showcased within the catalog. The new Scrub Sink and new Elite Grooming Tub have both been designed with radiused corners for easy cleaning. Learn more about these products as well as our other products in the new catalog.


Also found inside the catalog:

  • our core products
  • industry news & trends
  • our new design tools
  • product galleries


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New Canine Scale Functionality

Posted on Wed, Nov 14, 2012 @ 10:46 AM

We don't have to tell you what you already know.
Walk on scales are predominately located in the reception area for many reasons. Weight management and proper medication dosing are the two primary reasons. While many scale displays are out of view of the receptionist, Shor-Line’s new Shor-Connect and Remote Display allow the proper weight recording without the front desk personnel having to leave their station. Now that makes sense!

We are excited to announce Shor-Line has expanded the functionality of the canine scale beyond what the animal health industry knows it to be. With the introduction of Shor-Connect and Remote Display, weight is now visible on a PC or on a display mounted or propped in a location away from the scale platform. No tethering needed! Utilizing wireless technology Shor-Line’s K9-W8 and Blue-Line canine scales can be operated from a PC or select Windows tablets with the Shor-Connect models. The Remote Display models feature a second display that allows remote visibility of the canine’s weight.

shor-line shor-connect scaleshor-line remote display scale

These new products have been field tested and designed with your daily tasks first and foremost.

“Love the scale! It’s so much more convenient to have weight and other info all on the same screen.” Megan Pangle, Oxford Animal Hospital

“This was a great invention. Should of come up with a long time ago.” 
Lisa Epting, Oxford Animal Hospital

A new way to shop for scales.
Shor-Line’s philosophy of canine scales starts with the functionality of how a scale is used by our customers. If you want to see and operate a scale on a PC or select Windows tablets then you will be eager to try the Shor-Connect option. If you wish to see the display at the scale and in a remote location (maybe across the room) the Remote Display is the option for you! And if you simply want a scale that is accurate and reliable our Display with Operation Keys will suite you. The new Scale Builder tool on our website makes it a breeze to choose the features needed to build a scale to fit your practice, bringing this philosophy right to your fingertips.

shor-line scale builder tool

Build Your Scale
The Scale Builder leads you through the process of building your scale. Starting with the functionality. How do you want to use your scale? You can choose from three options: Display with Operation Keys, Remote Display or Shor-Connect. From there you choose your mount (wall or post) then the platform (K9-W8 or Blue-Line). At the end of the tool you are provided a part number that is generated based on your selections. You may add that product to your Wish List from the tool or learn more about your selection by viewing the product’s page. Once a product is added to your Wish List it only takes a few more steps to request a quote. Start building!

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Shor-Line Takes An Industry Changing LEAP, Introducing Wireless Scale Kits

Posted on Wed, Feb 29, 2012 @ 11:10 AM

Happy Leap Day! We find it fitting that while we are celebrating a day that only comes around every four years, we take this time to provide the Shor-Line Community a sneak peek into a new product that leaps into new industry territory. We are proud to introduce Shor-Connect for all Shor-Line scales. This is industry changing!

Utilizing wireless technology you can now see a patient's weight instantly from many feet away on a PC or a remote display. When entering a hospital one of the first things a patient and their owner are asked to do is step on the scale. Now the patient can step on the scale while the technician or office assistant can click on the scale readout on their PC or view on a remote display and the weight is recorded right there. No wires, accurate, and located where you want it.

Shor Line viewer bottom right

Shor-Connect can be added to any scale product currently offered (excluding the feline scale) by Shor-Line and comes in two options. A PC Viewer Remote Display Kit that retails for $249 or the D320 Remote Display Kit that retails for $499. The PC viewer is equipped with all the features necessary for accurate weighing. Zero, Recall, Free/Lock, Manual/Auto and LB/KG. You can easily toggle between Manual and Auto modes as well as Pounds and Kilograms. Holding the weight is also done by the click of the mouse (or button).

Shor Line viewer no buttons  Shor Line viewer with buttons

If you desire the Remote Display you can mount the display to any wall desired and use the display as you would a typical Shor-Line scale display. The PC Viewer Remote Display offers you the flexibility of using a PC versus mounting a physical display to a wall. The PC display operates on Windows 7 and Windows XP platforms. Multiple applications of the Shor-Connect Viewer are only supported on Windows 7. The software is easy to install on your PC. The PC requires a USB Dongle for operation.

Shor-Connect will be available soon. Be sure to ask your Shor-Line Representative for more details of this industry changing product!

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NAVC 'New Product Gallery' Showcases Shor-Line Twice!

Posted on Wed, Jan 18, 2012 @ 03:24 PM

If you attended NAVC this week you experienced several new happenings throughout the conference. This was the NAVC's first year to highlight a 'New Product Gallery'. "Items in the New Product Gallery were selected from more than 30 applications. Manufacturer submissions were based on various criteria, including innovation and impact on everyday practice. NAVC Board members and experts representing various disciplines and sectors of veterinary practice directed NAVC staff in making appropriate and representative selections. Participants are sure to find products that are appropriate additions to their practice armamentarium—and learn how to use them." (NAVC)

We were excited to learn that not one, but two Shor-Line products were selected! Our new K9-W8 Scale and Rotational Lift Table (RLT) were presented in the backlit, 8' tall gallery wall. Both the Marriott and Gaylord featured these walls. We hope you were able to make your way to our booth during the show and see our products in use.If by chance you missed them. Check them out at WVC, February 19-23, 2012.

K9-W8 ScaleRotational Lift Table

“We are delighted to be the first veterinary conference to show this impressive collection of new drugs and devices,” said NAVC Executive Director Colin Burrows, BVetMed, PhD, DACVIM, HonFRCVS. The NAVC had a great concept and we are proud to have been chosen to participate with both the K9-W8 Scale and the Rotational Lift Table (RLT). Thank you NAVC.

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Experienced Blue-Line yet?

Posted on Fri, Feb 18, 2011 @ 12:18 PM

BL Logo

If you attended the NAVC last month you were the first in the industry to experience the Blue-Line. Wondering what Blue-Line is? Blue-Line the newest family of premium Shor-Line products designed to provide streamlined functionality and exemplify true sophistication. Featuring a Rotational Lift Table (RLT), a series of Fold-Up Wall Mount Tables, Scales and additional products. If you missed it, don't fret! You can catch them at WVC this upcoming week. Visit our booth #1133.
Shor-Line Blue-Line

This line is pure innovation. Blue-Line is a family of stylish premium products providing multiple product features to enhance any facility and a splash of sophisticated color to brighten anyone's day! Featuring the Blue-Line Table Top at the center of attention. This table top's coated edge is durable and its radiused corners are accompanied by safety. All the while benefiting from the durability of the stainless steel embedded surface. Best of all, this line exudes quality.
Imagine your clients walking into your facility: seeing a warm welcoming staff, a clean well-maintained environment and a splash of color versus the cold sterile look of just stainless can project. The sleek lines of color help the client navigate through the facility while you and your staff are utilizing the industries top-of-the-line new premium products offered only by Shor-Line. That is the Blue-Line Experience.

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Get On The Ball : Canine Rehabilitation

Posted on Tue, Feb 01, 2011 @ 10:46 AM

P1020459 resized 600

Hello there! My name is Sheila and I'm an "agility junkie". This is my story about how I got "on the ball"! In my mind, the year 2009 will always be linked to a series of doggie disasters that struck, one after the other.

First, tragically and quite unexpectedly, I lost my competition dog just as she was coming into her prime. Then two month later, not altogether unexpectedly, I lost my senior dog. That left my puppy, Kip. Kip is a field bred Golden Retriever with a fine pedigree, selected for the characteristics that would make her a great agility dog.

Working with Kip was what kept me going through the summer of 2009. I could see that she had the drive and the intelligence that I had hoped for. Sadly, in November she developed hind limb lameness and xrays confirmed that she had significant dysplasia of the right hip. Because Kip was only 6 months old at the time of diagnosis she was considered a candidate for a triple pelvic osteotomy. She met all the criteria and although we would have to travel to Calgary (7 hours away) for the surgery I felt that it was a good option. She had one good hip and the surgery would stabilize the other hip so that she would be able to lead an active, if not a competitive life.

To be honest I really thought this diagnosis was the third and therefore the last in this string of disasters. How wrong I was! The next blow came when we went to pick Kip up after her TPO surgery. We learned that in the course of the procedure, there had been damage to the sciatic nerve - a rare and potentially serious complication. Kip had no sensation and no movement in her right hind leg and in her case it was many weeks before she recovered function.
The final blow came when we took Kip in for follow up xrays two weeks after the surgery. The films showed that the left hip was now subluxed and would also require surgery. Taking Kip back to Calgary for that second procedure was very difficult. The decision fell squarely "between a rock and a hard place". The window of opportunity for this surgery is narrow and the best outcomes are achieved when it is done before 10 months of age. Kip still had significant deficits on the right and after the second surgery she would be further disabled. But without the surgery I knew she would face a whole lifetime of disability.
Thankfully, our luck was about to change. While she was in hospital for the second surgery Kip was assessed by a rehab veterinarian. The rehab vet found there was significant neurogenic atrophy on the right and profound weakness of the core muscles. She provided us with an exercise program and as Kip's strength began to improve she recommended that we get her "on the ball".

Our ball arrived at the end of April. At first I had to lift Kip up and she would just lie on it while I bounced it and rolled it back and forth. It was not long before she could sit and then stand on the ball. We used functional activities along with the ball and Kip's strength and confidence grew steadily. By June she was back in structured obedience classes, swimming and going for short hikes. In July she attended an agility camp for puppies where she was the star of the body awareness classes!

Kip is now 21 months old. She is in a regular agility program and we use the ball as an ongoing part of her training. She is fit and strong and runs like the wind. Every time I see her wrestling with our new puppy, a 10 month old border collie rescue, or watch as she chases him across a field it makes me smile. I am still an "agility junkie". At this point I don't know whether Kip will ever compete in agility but I'm not going to set any arbitrary limits on what she can do. We will just continue to work on building her strength, her coordination and her skills and see where that takes us.

I credit the ball work for much of Kip's recovery and the ball will always be a key element of her program. Oh and the puppy. he's "on the ball" too! Many thanks Debbie for all your videos which we have relied on and returned to over and over again. Thanks too for helping us to get our ball - I believe it has made all the difference.
Sheila & Kip

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Shor-Line is Unleashing Innovation

Posted on Thu, Jan 06, 2011 @ 09:50 AM

describe the image

Welcome to our blog and happy 2011! Shor-Line is excited to venture on this journey with you into the blogosphere and share valuable information about our products, services and the latest industry trends.

As you may know, for 84 years, Shor-Line has maintained a business philosophy dedicated to quality products and service. As an animal health industry innovator, we are constantly reinventing and adding to an extensive array of products to help professionals, like yourself, provide the best possible care for their patients.

Our continuing research and development, field-testing, quality control and open dialog with professionals worldwide enable us to provide equipment of superior quality.

Fresh off the press, our 2011 Product Catalog will be debuting this week and with it many new products. At NAVC this month we will be unleashing a new family of premium products that will be sure to inspire you! Stop by our Booth #1301 and check them out. They will be live on our website soon!

As many of you might have New Year's resolutions, in 2011 Shor-Line plans to enhance your product experience by unleashing new products, reinventing established products and engaging in industry conversations. We invite you to join us on this journey and rediscover quality.

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