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Intergroom Shows Off Pet Grooming Profession

Posted on Fri, May 29, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

Intergoom carries the excitement of a Paris runway show.G_Table(Purple)jpeg

It has the calling card of being the largest international pet grooming show. And it lives up to its billing. Each year we all revel in the amazing growth in pet grooming.

Groomers are both artists and therapists, helping their pet customers look beautiful and have fun getting that way. One of the underappreciated talents of groomers is how they keep their pets loving the experience.

Shor-Line developed the Elite Grooming Table with input from pet groomers. The Stainless Steel Grooming Arm is 12-gauge stainless steel and includes five locking positions. It pivots 180 degrees, allowing the groomer to dance around the pet as needed. The GROOMER decides where to be, not being limited by the arm!

Safety and durability are important to Shor-Line, so we are the only company to take the added measure of CSA/UL certification.

Elite Grooming Tub builds in flexibility:

We have worked with groomers for decades so we understand just what a toll grooming takes on your body. That is why we build in lots of ergonomic choices so you and your staff choose what is best.


Our innovative STeprAMP system lets you choose steps or a ramp to get the pet into the tub. This helps arthritic dogs move with better footing, gives the pet some choices and saves your back.

Some of the trends in reducing stress for pets during veterinary treatment recommend this type of approach in which the pet and the handler have options.

Come by the Shor-Line Booth at Intergroom:

We will be showing our latest grooming equipment at the show. We believe your equipment is an investment that should last you for decades, so come feel the durability! 

If you can't make the show, we don't want to leave you out. We are extending the show discount on grooming products until June 30, 2015. Check out our products and contact a salesperson. Tell them you want the Intergroom price.

Remember! We are extending the Intergroom show attendee discount to ALL grooming products.


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Free Passes to Upcoming Shows to See Shor-Line

Posted on Tue, Apr 14, 2015 @ 11:46 AM

We know Shor-Line equipment is an investment for our customers, so we travel the country to help as many people as possible see and feel our quality for themselves at trade shows. Check on our listings on the Shor-Line home page.

We are partnering with Barkleigh to give our customers FREE passes to attend the Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo West 2015, May 6-7 in Burbank, Calif., and Intergroom, June 6-8 in Sommerset, N.J. 


The first show, Expo West, will showcase our latest boarding options, including the NEW luxury Barkolyn Boudoir Dutch Door Kennel™. Click on the link here to request your FREE Barkolyn_NewLatch


The second show, Intergroom, will host several nationally recognized grooming competitions as well as the latest in education and products. Click on the link here to request your FREE passes, good for three people.

Come to a show and see all that Shor-Line has to offer...and inspire yourself with new ideas! Passes are good for one day, your choice of day. The links also have information about the activities at each show. Remember to order your passes early because we need your submissions by April 30, 2015 for Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo West and May 20, 2015 for Intergroom.

Don't forget to request your passes early because we are mailing them out!


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Grooming ergonomics: Being in the right place at the right time

Posted on Thu, May 08, 2014 @ 10:02 AM

Shor-Line Blog: Grooming Ergonomics

Grooming can feel like a dance as you position yourself to best groom each canine customer. Yet being in the right place is the key to avoiding repetitive motion injuries in your wrist, arm and back.

When designing the Shor-Line Elite and Big Top Grooming Tables, the developers determined that a 180-degree pivot on the grooming arm would allow groomers to move around the table.

Notice the curved top and end. As groomers focus on the pet, it is not unusual to bump into the table. The rounded, tapered edges help you avoid bruised hips.

You need to use even the best ergonomically designed hand tools at the correct height. This table keeps your arms and wrists positioned correctly. The right tools are a solid prescription for safety.

Reducing lifting and bending are the other keys to staying healthy. The quiet electric lift operates with a foot pedal from both sides of the table, saving you steps and lifting. Protecting your lower back is critical.

The grooming arm takes the brunt of the impact if a dog new to grooming decides to bolt. Groomers tell us they have struggled with failed grooming arms on other equipment. So, we used our Shor-Line Stainless Steel expertise to manufacture a durable grooming arm that stands up to strong dogs. We think it is the best arm in the business! 

Our grooming arm is so popular that we sell it as a retrofit for competitive grooming tables. Just ask a sales rep if you need to replace an arm on another company's table.

Ergonomics is more important than ever in minimizing overuse grooming injuries. Whatever table you use, let your equipment take the strain off your body so you can spend more time doing the grooming you love.


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How To Prevent Rattling Blades

Posted on Thu, Apr 14, 2011 @ 09:30 AM

Having trouble with rattling blades? We recruited an industry professional, The Sharper Edge of KC, to highlight some methods of preventing rattling blades.

shor line grooming

When preparing patients for surgery or minor procedures, hair is shaved close to the skin with #40 and #50 blades. For groomers spring shave downs to remove the undercoat will bring out all sizes of blades. Whichever ones you are using sometimes the blades will rattle when starting up the clipper. That rattling can cause the blade not to perform properly and stress the animal.

One simple remedy for rattling blades can be solved in the clinic or grooming shop. Sometimes when the blades are taken off the hinge the socket ears are stretched or separated too much. Pinching the socket ears on the blade will help. You can over pinch them and need to replace the socket so take care not to overdue pinching them. The Sharper Edge of KC (Kansas City) uses a machine guide block to return the socket ears to the correct position. "When we reassemble our blades after sharpening, we test each one to make sure the problem is corrected. If the problem still exists after pinching the socket, then the next step might be a new socket or hinge. Hinge screws can come loose or hinge springs can lose tension which results in rattle."

Want to know more? Visit thesharperedgeofkc.com for all the latest news and tips related to the grooming industry.

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