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Choosing an LED Exam Light

Posted on Thu, Jul 13, 2017 @ 08:13 AM

The need for an alternative to harsh overhead halogen lights has opened the door for higher quality exam lights. Shor-Line’s new Prelude LED Exam Light provides the style and performance of the Prelude LED Surgery Light in an exam and treatment unit.


Simply, it delivers better color temperature, a cooler working environment and long-life light bulbs. Many veterinarians are involving the pet owner more in explaining issues, such as skin rashes, ear infections and tooth cleaning.

Having a good, professional light available to put the spotlight on the issue helps. Turn the light on for the discussion and turn it back off to keep the room calm and comfortable.

But how do you know the difference in exam lights? Stepping back from the aesthetics of what looks good in the room, there are three performance measures to consider:

  • Intensity. This determines the amount of light delivered to the area you are illuminating, such as a skin rash. This is measured in foot-candles, which in the olden days was the amount of light a candle emitted at one foot. It is considered an imperial measure (think pounds and inches). LUX is a more common light intensity measurement these days. It is the amount of light that falls on a surface one meter away from a candle. Essentially the same concept. This is the most important measurement for medical lighting.

Infogrpahic final17n.png

  • Color Rendering. The accuracy in which light illuminates an area is measured by CRI (color rendering index). After intensity, this is the most important consideration. How a color renders, especially in the critical red spectrum, is critical to your ability to diagnose accurately. High CRI scores give you excellent viewing in the red spectrum.
  • Color Temperature. This measures how the color appears or the whiteness of the light, and it is calculated in degrees Kelvin. As a means of comparison, a candle has a “warm” light with a color temperature in the warm range of 2500°K and the midday sun rates 6200°K in the cool range.

    The goal for medical procedures is to provide the optimum balance between bright light and accurate color for animal tissue. Red and yellow light shows up best in the 3500°K range but it can be fatiguing. A cooler light profile can be easier on the eyes, which is why surgeons prefer lights closer to 5000°K.

The key to choosing the right exam light in today’s modern veterinary practice means determining how you are going to practice. Some are adopting the new low-stress techniques that dim halogen overheads and have a more hand-on approach with pets and their owners. Others do exams and diagnosis in the back treatment area and consultations with pet owners in the exam room. 



The new Prelude LED Exam Light has application in both areas.The switch easily toggles from high (40,000 LUX) to low (20,000 LUX). It has a CRI of 90 and a color temperature of 4,500°K, balancing the need for good light intensity and accurate color for medical needs.

The durability and dependability of Shor-Line go into the new Prelude light. Its sleek design will handle years of adjusting and positioning. And one of the main benefits of LED lights is that it will be decades before you have to worry about changing a light bulb. This 11-bulb unit will serve for 75,000 hours under normal veterinary use.

Whether it lives in the front or back exam areas, the new Prelude LED Exam Light could be the best lighting investment you make this year.


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Shor-Line Named Finalist for Governor's Exporter of the Year 2017

Posted on Thu, Jun 08, 2017 @ 02:43 PM

Shor-Line was proud to be named as one of four finalists for the 2017 Governor's Exporter of the Year Award. The Kansas Department of Commerce selected the finalists and the final winner following an extensive review of the company's work in growing international business.


"The Governor's Exporter of the Year Award proudly celebrates the successes of Kansas companies that excel in exporting and growing their communities," according to the department's news release. "It encourages the growth of the state's international commerce by showcasing successful exporters as role models to the Kansas business community. The recipients are prime examples of how exporting is a significant catalyst for company growth and diversification."

Twelve Kansas companies were nominated for the 2017 Exporter of the Year award. The four finalists were:

  • Shor-Line
  • Bergkamp, Inc.
  • Lee Aerospaceexporter-plaque.jpg
  • KSi Conveyors, Inc.

The finalists participated in several presentations and site reviews. Shor-Line has been growing its global animal health product business for several decades, creating a strong presence in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Asia.

"We feel proud to be selected as a finalist and be recognized as one of the top Exporters in Kansas," said Rick Donahue, Chairman of the Board for Shor-Line. "It is gratifying to see the global demand rapidly growing for the Shor-Line brand. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and our quality products have developed a global reputation."

Lee Aerospace of Wichita, Kan., won the Governor's Exporter of the Year Award for 2017 at a banquet presented June 6.


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Shor-Line's Coveted Cages are ON SALE!

Posted on Mon, May 16, 2016 @ 11:50 AM


Shor-Line's famous Stainless Steel Cages (60" wide and smaller) are all on sale until June 30, 2016 (U.S. only.) This cage sale only comes along once a year, and it is a great time to pull the trigger on a remodel or add a specialty cage. 

Just to make the deal sweeter for spring, all cage accessories are on sale as well. So, if it fits in, on or attaches to a stainless steel cage, it is on sale. (Did I mention that includes CAGE VALETS?!)

Shop the sale!

When people ask, "Are ALL cages really on sale?", the answer is pretty simple...any stainless steel cage 60" wide or smaller is on sale. AND accessories are on sale. Most people are familiar with our durable, cages reinforced with a 1"-square tube frame. (More features information here.)


But people are less aware of the different specialty cages we offer to help keep pets protected and secure. For example, our Stainless Steel Cat Suite was developed in consultation with University researchers. It features feline friendly features, such as Quiet Closing Latch, interior polymer resting shelf and our quiet closing hinge. The Double Unit with Platform (902.0103.24, shown below)
provides 18.7 square feet of living area.



Finally, there are the cage accessories. From Quiet-Time cage covers to PVC coated cage floors, all the accessories are also on sale. 

This is a great time to add some cage valets or food and water bowls.


Call your friendly Shor-Line sales representative at 800-444-1579 or go on our website to request a quote. Be sure to say you want the Cage Sale pricing!!


Happy shopping!


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Seeing the Benefit of Certified Surgery Lights

Posted on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 @ 03:52 PM

Shor-Line announced that the Prelude LED Surgery Lights are UL/CSA certified, but some ask why it matters. The simple answer is that the lights are certified to Medical Electrical Equipment (Surgical Luminaire) standards…and not all manufacturers are willing to invest in that level of scrutiny.


To become certified, the LED lights need to conform to rigorous standards of performance for both human and veterinary standards. Light brightness and color clarity must fall consistently into given specifications, and the lights must meet stringent manufacturing standards and testing.

Switching over to LED surgery lights or upgrading your current lights is a big decision. A U.S. Department of Energy task force developed a great report on LED surgery lights that is a must read for anyone moving to LEDs. It will help you evaluate your choices.

Features to consider

The Prelude LED Surgery Lights have superior features to the halogen lights you have been using during surgery.

  • Uses less wattage to produce equivalent light levels and therefore saves money in the longterm.
  • Emits less heat into the room than halogen lights, which provides more comfort to the patient, surgeon and assistants.
  • Promises greater bulb life and predictable performance in an operating room setting.

These are features to consider:

  • High illumination. A significant amount of light is required, by standard, for surgery. The Prelude gives you 90,000 LUX at one meter.
  • Shadow reduction. Contour shadows help you distinguish the organs and masses during surgery while contrast shadows are distracting. The ideal light provides a balance, which is one of the more important features of the Prelude.
  • Color temperature. Color temperatures below 3500 degrees K can take on a red or pink hue, distorting your view of the important red spectrum. The Prelude has a 4500 degrees K color temperature. (Daylight at noon is 4000 to 6500K.)
  • Adjustable positioning. Likely there will be several veterinarians using the light, so the light needs to position easily for the tallest vet and the shortest vet. The Prelude has a 360-degree positioning flexibility with no light head drift.

What works for your practice?

The Prelude LED Surgery Light can last up to 100,000 hours, which could be the remainder of your practicing life. Shor-Line  quality is known for durability, so making our LED light stand the test of time was important.

During this time, the Surgery Light will serve many veterinarians and technicians of different heights and working styles. At trade shows, we encourage veterinarians to move the lights in circles and quickly position them. In short, to see if the light can be adjusted to their comfort level.

Our surgery arm system is the most flexible in the industry, allowing you to move it 360 degrees. It stays where you put it and does not drift. No matter where you need the light positioned, it will be there.

Like many technical improvements, the products become more affordable as high-quality manufacturers develop ways to deliver the quality you need at the price you can afford. The Prelude LED Surgery Lights are performing under the highest medical standards for surgical lighting affordable in the veterinary market.



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Year End Sale Extends to Jan. 5, 2016 so Make an Investment

Posted on Wed, Dec 23, 2015 @ 01:17 PM

Take Advantage of the New Limit on the IRS Section 179!

The year is winding down, and the IRS has given a gift to business owners to wrap up the year. Rather than decrease the Section 179 deduction, qualifying businesses can take the same $500,000 as 2014. 

For businesses that have seen an increase in sales and have been waiting to make an investment in growth or expansion, this can be great news. The IRS outlines the rules regarding Section 179 deductions here.

Consulting your tax adviser can be helpful in planning. There also is an organization that provides a helpful tax calculators and information that explains the Section 179 deduction here. 

The Shor-Line Year End Sale can help you stretch your investment further. Shop the sale by December 31, 2015 for potential tax savings. The sale goes on until January 5, 2016.


Choose a Room...or an Entire Facility to Update

This year's Year End Sale theme is Facility. Whether you are updating oYearEndSale2015Web-Housing_02.pngne room or adding an entire CageSale2015_11.pngnew addition or practice, you will find our best prices of the year. We also have added special gifts for some purchases.

Cages are one of our most popular products, and ALL cages and cage accessories are on sale. This includes cage banks, floors, cage valets as well as specialty cages.

Enjoy the Holidays but Don't Forget the YES!

Our staff will be off December 24 until December 28 to spend time with their families but back at it the last week in December to help you make your end of the year plans. 

Call 800-444-1579 for immediate assistance!


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Year End Sale Time is Here at Shor-Line!

Posted on Mon, Oct 05, 2015 @ 10:40 AM

Every year with the coming of cooler Midwest evenings, we look forward to sharing our Year End Sale with our loyal customers and (hopefully) some new friends. This sale includes some great buys on some of your favorites as well as some good pricing on products that fill special needs.



Facility by Shor-Line is our theme this year because we will show you room by room how we can help. The sale is on now and will continue until Jan. 5, 2016, and it is open to U.S. residents only. Get your digital copy here.


A Little New and Lots of Favorites

It has been a busy year of introductions at Shor-Line. Here are some of our newest products, and we have added some special pricing:

Some Special Deals as a Thank You

We traditionally provide some special "thank you" items at Year End. This year we have these special deals:

  • Standard Mobile Anesthesia machines are priced to give you a durable, dependable mobile unit right around the $2,000 price point.
  • Combination Grooming Packages give you an Elite Grooming Table and an Elite Grooming Shower or Tub with a selection of free tools, a caddy and a faucet.
  • The Blue-Line Mat is specially priced during this sale at $24. It is designed for our Blue-Line table line, but we've been told it works well to place on the floor when you examine a pet on its level.

A Halloween Special

This sale is so popular that we want to encourage you to order early. So, we are offering an additional $50 off of orders of $1,000 (excluding shipping, handling and taxes) or more if you place your order with a sales representative by Oct. 31, 2015

As a Treat for you, we are introducing the new Shor-Line Outlet website. We've finally cleared out our warehouse and are making overstock, discontinued and slightly damaged products available for great prices. Learn more here. Our plan is to continuously add to the Outlet, so sign up for the monthly email alert and return frequently!


The Year End Sale fades away with the turn of the new year, so order NOW for best selection and remember to visit shor-line.com/yearendsale or call 888-551-4062 to place an order!


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Intergroom Shows Off Pet Grooming Profession

Posted on Fri, May 29, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

Intergoom carries the excitement of a Paris runway show.G_Table(Purple)jpeg

It has the calling card of being the largest international pet grooming show. And it lives up to its billing. Each year we all revel in the amazing growth in pet grooming.

Groomers are both artists and therapists, helping their pet customers look beautiful and have fun getting that way. One of the underappreciated talents of groomers is how they keep their pets loving the experience.

Shor-Line developed the Elite Grooming Table with input from pet groomers. The Stainless Steel Grooming Arm is 12-gauge stainless steel and includes five locking positions. It pivots 180 degrees, allowing the groomer to dance around the pet as needed. The GROOMER decides where to be, not being limited by the arm!

Safety and durability are important to Shor-Line, so we are the only company to take the added measure of CSA/UL certification.

Elite Grooming Tub builds in flexibility:

We have worked with groomers for decades so we understand just what a toll grooming takes on your body. That is why we build in lots of ergonomic choices so you and your staff choose what is best.


Our innovative STeprAMP system lets you choose steps or a ramp to get the pet into the tub. This helps arthritic dogs move with better footing, gives the pet some choices and saves your back.

Some of the trends in reducing stress for pets during veterinary treatment recommend this type of approach in which the pet and the handler have options.

Come by the Shor-Line Booth at Intergroom:

We will be showing our latest grooming equipment at the show. We believe your equipment is an investment that should last you for decades, so come feel the durability! 

If you can't make the show, we don't want to leave you out. We are extending the show discount on grooming products until June 30, 2015. Check out our products and contact a salesperson. Tell them you want the Intergroom price.

Remember! We are extending the Intergroom show attendee discount to ALL grooming products.


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8 Reasons to Love Shor-Line Cages

Posted on Fri, May 08, 2015 @ 03:56 PM


Shor-Line cages are vital components to many animal care businesses. Our talented American craftspeople have been making these stainless steel beauties in our Kansas City manufacturing plant for decades. Now, you can purchase any of these stainless steel cages or their accessories for a great sale price...there are hundreds of options on sale!!

Why do people like Shor-Line cages so much? Here are 8 reasons--one for every decade Shor-Line has been in business.

1. Premium craftsmanship goes into every cage. Our workers hand-weld and inspect EVERY cage so you receive the durability you expect from Shor-Line.

2. Strength is built in. Every cage has a 1"-square stainless steel tube frame.

3. Doors receive additional welds. We use computer-controlled welding at every intersection of the door because we know your pet clients can be hard on doors.

4. Rounded corners for easy cleaning. We create rounded corners to help you clean more easily, making a better environment for the pet.

5. Double cages build in versatility. Our Double Door (DD) cage latch assembly lets you house larger dogs or insert a divider for two smaller animals. You can remove the divider to slide in dogs following surgery. One cage has many uses.

6. Continuous innovation. The tighter spacing on the first five vertical cage rods on our small and mid-size cages help keep small paws from getting caught, which means we all worry less. This is just one example of our continuous improvement!

7. Low stress, quieting options. All Shor-Line stainless steel cages come with sound-dampening patches. We also worked with University researchers to develop a Silent Latch Mechanism that is available as an option on new or existing cages.

8. Durability you can depend on. Our craftspeople in Kansas City are so attentive to details and extremely high-quality work that Shor-Line cages last for decades. Pair that with our high-quality stainless steel and you have an investment you can pass down.


Our cages rarely go on sale. Take advantage of this sale that includes ALL stainless steel cages and cage accessories. If you would like to download a copy of the sales flyer, do so here.

Don't forget, this sale only runs through June 30, 2015 and it is in the U.S. only. Any taxes and/or shipping charges are additional.


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5 Ideas for Shor-Line Cages

Posted on Mon, Apr 20, 2015 @ 02:17 PM

Beautiful, durable Shor-Line cages have been a mainstay in animal care for decades but our creative customers are finding new uses for them every day.902-0103-16_4' Shor-Line

Because we believe our cages are so versatile that you can always use another cage bank, we are putting all cages and accessories on sale (U.S. only) through June 30, 2016Here are some ways cages can help:

1. Mobile recovery care. Especially for small practices, there will be times when someone needs to cover the front desk or chart in the office as well as keep an eye on a recovering patient. A mobile cage can provide flexibility.

2. Play breaks for Daycare. Although many dog daycares advertise "cage free," we have worked with many who have found that having cages for break time actually improves the pets' experience. The dogs have a place to rest, nap and regroup before going back out  with friends. One daycare provider reported the breaks reduced the need for "timeouts" and the overall atmosphere improved.

3. Housing for Exotics. There will be times when you need to take in rabbits, guinea pigs or other exotics. The mobile 4' cage bank gives them a secure home away from home...you roll it to the best place for the exotic pets to rest! 

IsoParvo_Shor-Line cage

4. Felines with Upper Respiratory Infections. Keeping cats isolated from the general population is a key component for controlling disease. An Isolation Cage with a tempered glass door provides the cat's needs. Don't forget to have staff clean that room and cage last to avoid cross contamination.

5. O2 cage. With pets living longer and chronic disease treatments improving, senior pets may need short-term oxygen support. You can convert most Shor-Line cages into O2 cages with an oxygen door. (Some earlier cage models will need a conversion kit.) Pair the door with an oxygen concentrator, and you can improve the quality of the pet's life without uncomfortable O2 masks.

Shor-Line MobileTransport Cage


A Lifetime Improvement:

Shor-Line cages are an investment you will use for the life of your business...and you will likely pass them on. The mobile cage banks allow you to immediately reconfigure even small spaces to match the needs of your fur patients.

Don't let the sale pass you by! Review all the cage options by clicking here and then call 800.444.1579 or use our website quote tool (you will be directed to it from the cage page). 

These prices are only good in the United States, and it expires June 30, 2016!



Free Passes to Upcoming Shows to See Shor-Line

Posted on Tue, Apr 14, 2015 @ 11:46 AM

We know Shor-Line equipment is an investment for our customers, so we travel the country to help as many people as possible see and feel our quality for themselves at trade shows. Check on our listings on the Shor-Line home page.

We are partnering with Barkleigh to give our customers FREE passes to attend the Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo West 2015, May 6-7 in Burbank, Calif., and Intergroom, June 6-8 in Sommerset, N.J. 


The first show, Expo West, will showcase our latest boarding options, including the NEW luxury Barkolyn Boudoir Dutch Door Kennel™. Click on the link here to request your FREE Barkolyn_NewLatch


The second show, Intergroom, will host several nationally recognized grooming competitions as well as the latest in education and products. Click on the link here to request your FREE passes, good for three people.

Come to a show and see all that Shor-Line has to offer...and inspire yourself with new ideas! Passes are good for one day, your choice of day. The links also have information about the activities at each show. Remember to order your passes early because we need your submissions by April 30, 2015 for Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo West and May 20, 2015 for Intergroom.

Don't forget to request your passes early because we are mailing them out!


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